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Announcement: Science Fiction Romance

3d bookI’m so pleased to announce I’m heading in a new direction and publishing my very first science fiction romance! Liberation’s Kiss is an android love story about a woman who has ended up on a top secret Kill List and an assassin android who suffers the ultimate corruption when he fails to kill her and instead, falls in love. Preorder now for a special price!

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Why Science Fiction Romance? Anne McCaffrey has been my favorite author since sixth grade, so it’s only natural that I should eventually give in and write my own science fiction romance. I loved all her novels, but I was especially drawn to her Ship Who… and Rowan (telepath) series. These are set in space. The only thing I wanted in her novels was just a little more sex…

I wrote the first draft of Liberation’s Kiss as part of NaNoWriMo 2014, and it’s the one that won my local chapter contest. My editor said it was in great shape even in the first draft, requiring only minor tweaks, and it’s currently at my copy-editor.

It is a full-length novel and will be available on July 1st.