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Artful DodgerKat in Artful Dodger decides on a somewhat unusual method of claiming ownership over herself: full-body tribal tattoos. Knowing that she had them, and that no one else knew, gave her the willpower to keep struggling through great poverty, powerlessness, and degradation until she could finally claim the respect and lifestyle she most desired.

I don’t have any tattoos (yet) and I’ve also been very blessed in my life. But every once in a while, a stressful presentation or terrifying public performance will make me want to curl up into my most comfortable hoodie and crawl under my desk. My secret for regaining my confidence?

New underwear.

Pretty, pristine, first-time underwear that feels unfamiliar on my body and reminds me that yes, I am wearing something secret that no one else knows about. Knowing that I have a secret helps me through the nerves and gives me a boost that lasts all day — from my morning cup of tea to my evening jammies and fuzzy socks!

How about you?

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