A Certain Kind of Magic

My Mom Is My Hero
Part of the Creative Nonfiction series:
  • A Certain Kind of Magic

How my mother protected me from a danger that lurks in every family, told through the lens of magical realism. This short story won second prize in the anthology.

Reviews:Kristin on Amazon reviewer wrote:

“…This is a wonderful collection of stories that my mom absolutely adored. I recommend the stories by Wendy Lynn Clark, Alison Miller Boniface, Robert F. Walsh, and Susan Reynolds, but they’re all great…”

Every two minutes, someone in the United States today is sexually assaulted. But according to that same source, sexual assaults have declined by 60% since 1993. [1]

I want to believe that’s because of people who saw something they didn’t like and spoke up about it.

I want to believe it’s because people are no longer allowing themselves to be victims.

I want to believe it’s because of people who had the courage to challenge the predators who rely on silence.

I want to believe it’s because of my mother.

[1] RAINN – [https://www.rainn.org/get-information/statistics/frequency-of-sexual-assault]