Liberation’s Desire

Robotics Faction Book 2

liberation's desire cover
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
ISBN: 978-0-9896920-8-3
Pages: 250
ePub: $ 3.99
ISBN: 978-0-9896920-8-3
Pages: 250
PDF: $ 3.99
ISBN: 978-0-9896920-8-3
Pages: 250

A red-hot, ice-cold analyst. A delicious chef who’s all heart. He’ll risk everything for one more taste…

Mercury dreamed of cooking exotic feasts to charm and delight her family. All that changed when the Robotics Faction targeted her sister. With her family shattered, Mercury has no choice but to go into hiding. She’s vulnerable. She’s alone. And they know exactly where she is!

Yves is an android for the “benevolent” faction. His assignment is to watch Mercury from afar, even though he’s absolutely entranced by her. When a rogue agent severs his connection to the faction, he starts a new mission: keep Mercury safe at all costs.

As the two run from the all-powerful faction, fear turns into passion. Yves must use every byte of his skill to protect Mercury from his former masters, the rogue agent, and most of all… himself.

Liberation’s Desire is the second book in a steamy sci-fi romance series. If you like enticing plots, thrilling action, and passionately sexy love scenes, then you’ll fall for Wendy Lynn Clark’s complex, nail-biting thrill-ride.

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“Every time I kiss you, I feel sensations.”

“What kinds of sensations?”

The skin between his dark eyebrows wrinkled. “I don’t know. Not normal. Aberrant.”

Well, okay. Aberrant. Great.

“That’s why you have to help me control this obsession,” he said, “by giving in.”

“Oh, sure. Let me get out the electro-welder again, since having me operate on you went so well last time.”

“You should want me to reprogram myself. Refusing means you’re illogical.”

“I’m illogical?” She pulled free. “You’re making out with a girl who gives you aberrant thoughts. But why is that surprising? You’re an asexual robot.”

Her accusation echoed across the garbage chamber.

The frown returned. “Yes, exactly.”


He smacked his chest so hard she feared it would leave a dented handprint. “I’m an asexual robot. So what the hell am I trying to do with you?”


“I don’t know!”

“Neither do I!” His voice rose like shouting. “I shouldn’t be interested in this. In you. Instead I find myself compelled to reach out, to touch, to do things I should have no reason to want to do. And I can’t stop myself. You’re in front of me and I lose all control.”

His words licked her body with dangerous gasoline. She rubbed her arms. “Stop.”

“I can’t. Not on my own. That’s why I need your help.” He gazed at her, helpless. “I am drunk on you.”

His words lit her on fire.

She sucked in a breath. “What do you mean?”

“Every touch is like a shot of diamond-clarified vodka. Every new sensation hits me with a reward shower that I can’t control. Every texture of your skin against mine slows me down until I am literally overloaded. I am stuck in your gravity well, and time has dilated beyond all sense of meaning, and I’m simply chasing the next hit of feeling, the next taste of you, the next breath, the next gasp, the next flutter of your eyelashes, the next pulse of heat beneath your skin. You’re pouring a distillery over my head, and I’ve opened my arms to embrace it, and I’m intoxicated. I’m drunk to death.” His voice broke. “On you.”


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