Liberation’s Mystery

A Science Fiction Romance

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ISBN: 978-1-943110-04-9
Pages: 45

Brielle craves excitement. Data entry doesn't exactly light up her nights, although her secretive new coworker Kristof's hard body is beginning to star in her fantasies.

Then, she works late and witnesses something she shouldn't see. Conspiracies, assassinations, and a robot invasion? Kristof is hiding way more than a smoking hot physique, and his forbidden attraction to her is starting to sway his loyalties.

Interoffice romance has never been this red-hot!

Read Liberation's Mystery to reveal its scorching secrets today.

Warning: Contains sizzling sex, adult language, explosions, and robot invasions.


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“I’m getting my stuff,” she reached her desk and slung her bag over her shoulder, “and going to the police.”

He continued pacing her to the elevators. “I’m new, so I sure don’t know everything, and I don’t mean to interrupt at all, but, you know… sure that’s such a bright idea?”

She stopped.

There. His personality changed between one goofy line and the next one, deadly serious.

“Um, yeah.” She stepped into the elevator waiting area, automatically triggering the building to send an elevator. “That’s what any normal person would do. Do you think I should do something else?”

The elevator doors slid open.

He eased a muscular arm across the entrance, blocking her way.

She stopped and met his eye.

Once again, his blond hair fell across his brow, half cloaking his eyes. The goofy persona was gone. He stared at her intently, lethally serious.


Something stirred in her belly. Another curl, like when she had first met him, of danger and desire.

“You should go home,” he said, quiet and slow, and his voice was soft and reminded her of licking the curve of her spoon to get the last taste of sweet cream. “Do what you promised Mr. Heeler and forget you saw anything here tonight. In fact, don’t come in tomorrow either. Take a long vacation off planet. Leave tonight.”

“Why should I?”

“It’s dangerous.”

Her belly shivered. Fear and excitement. She had never felt so alive.

“You’re the dangerous one,” she countered.

A sardonic light entered his eyes as though he couldn’t disagree with her. “It takes a lot of power to put someone like that in a position like this. Power that might be used to silence an employee who starts unsettling rumors with law enforcement.”

“But he’s going to do something bad,” she insisted.

“He’s already done it,” he said, “and everything’s going to be different soon anyway. You should worry about yourself.”

“I am.” She put her hand on his arm. It felt unmovable as iron. She wanted him wrapped around her body now, shoving her up against a wall. “If I’m in such danger, maybe you should escort me home.”

Surprise changed to sizzling hot, deadly interest.

A rough smile curved his lips. “I don’t know what you think I am, but I am not one of the good guys.”

“Why not?”

He hesitated and did not answer.

“Come home with me.”

His expression softened, like his voice, to both become more dangerous and more amused. “Home with you is the absolute last place I should be.”

But the way he said it, with that devilish smile, suggested delicious possibilities she only wished she could explore. He would taste way better than a glass of wine.

Disappointment twinged. “Give me a reason or give me a kiss.”

For one long moment, he looked like he was going to give her a reason. The moment stretched. His expression darkened, hot and sexy, and her stomach flipped. Sweet tingling desires shimmered through her.

He tugged her into his arms.

Once more, her body molded to his molten-hot chest. Her nipples stood in sharp relief against his strength and her thighs memorized his rock-hard quads. She clung to his rippling back, feeling the contour of his powerful shoulder blades. His masculine scent enveloped her with heat and desire.

She lifted her lips.

He lowered and brushed them with his own.

The world stood still.

She lived in the sensation. So brief, so delicious, his lips gently pressed against hers. Once, twice, three times.

The third time, his mouth opened and met hers. Desire seared through her, curling in her center with a tug. She murmured his name.

He pressed her against the wall.

She opened to him, and their tongues tangled. Wetness charged with electricity. She consumed his delicious taste, every stroke of his hot tongue another stroke of her aching desire. He intoxicated her, and she wanted to crack open the whole bottle.

His knee fit between her legs. She squeezed him, her aching feminine center seeking the key that fit her hot, wet lock. His masculinity rubbed hard against her upper thigh, seeking the same in her.

And then, he pushed himself off the wall and rested his forehead against hers. His eyes, so intent, seemed to shift colors, gleaming green and silver in the low light. “Good enough?”

She licked her lips. “Not even.”

His smile warmed her heart. Long, slow and hungry, it made promises she needed him to keep.


This stand-alone short story is a companion to Book 3 Liberation's Vow and takes place during some of the same time period. It features a whole new couple and can be enjoyed separately from the rest of the series.