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The World of Liberation’s Vow


Welcome to the Summer Science Fiction Romance Brigade (SFRB) blog hop July 11-15 2016. There’s a sweet giveaway at the bottom of the post! Plus I have my own giveaway that is extra. 🙂

Something I learned while writing Liberation’s Vow is how much I love the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen is famous for his vibrant imagery, technical skill, and incredible execution of dresses that defy reality. Although he is also credited with making low-rise pants popular back in 2001, his exotic outfits composed of feathers, crystals, spray paint, or really odd things like gummy bears and razorback clam shells stand out. These mystifying couture “fantasies” are simultaneously disturbing and beautiful, sticking in your memory long after you’ve turned away.

Unfortunately, he committed suicide in 2010 at the age of forty, so his current work is all we have in the world.

I am not a follower of high fashion, but for book research I get to learn all sorts of neat things! My heroine Resa grew up in the tough, dirty world of mining and obsessively watched the 9000-episode-strong futuristic TV soap opera “Alien Warlords.” She longed for the rich lifestyle, and the alien warlord drama, because it was so different from her origins.

Now reborn as an “emotionless” android, she can’t allow herself to be seduced by beautiful gowns, no matter how strong her craving.

Hero Aris designed dresses before taking on the mantle of planetary governor and future heir to ruling the solar system. He would love nothing more than to reawaken Resa’s old dreams by clothing her in gorgeous, exotic dresses of the richest materials. So, what kinds of crave-able dresses would he design?

For inspiration, I searched Pinterest and discovered some truly amazing designs. However, the gowns I continuously found myself drawn to were all made by one visionary creator: Alexander McQueen. I adapted, remixed, and wrote several of them into scenes of Liberation’s Vow. A particular favorite is a butterfly dress I put on Resa just before she infiltrates Aris’s rival’s stronghold. Another good one is the peacock-feather-and-crystal dress she wears when rescuing Aris from an exploding floating dome.

You can see my favorites on the Liberation’s Vow Pinterest board here:

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SFR Monday spotlight at Jessica E Subject blog

Today I’m spotlighted at Jessica E Subject’s blog. Check her out!

She’s got tons of SFR recommendations and is a great place to find your next read. She’s also a sexy/erotica SFR author so her books are much hotter than mine. If you think that mine don’t have enough of the good stuff, give hers a look! She’s got free reads to get you started.

Jessica E Subject – Jessica Subject is the author of contemporary and science fiction romance, ranging from sweet to sexy. In her stories, you could meet clones, or a sexy alien or two. You may even be transported to another planet for a romantic rendezvous…

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Guest post at SFRB (Brigade)

Please enjoy my guest post at SFR Brigade! I am talking about the Future or Time. 🙂 There are lots of great authors to check out on this blog, plus a list of free reads and plenty of book reviews.

Here is a sneak preview:

If you are a world traveler, there’s nothing worse than accidentally calling up your loved ones in the middle of the night. They just can’t be as interested in your weird lunch of barbecued octopus eyeballs at 3am. Faster-than-light travel amongst the stars will only compound this problem. If you are trying to coordinate an attack on a death star, how do you make sure everyone shows up before the attack and not a week after?

Read the rest at the SFR Brigade!

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Win free stuff! SFR Summer Cafe Last Chance

Win free stuff with the SFR Brigade Summer Cafe Blog Hop!

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My week has passed  –  June 22nd (Androids and Aliens). I hope you enjoyed learning about pink flamingos and edible hair dye! Meanwhile, there are still other weeks you can visit themed blogs, enter the week’s contests for books + gift cards + swag, and win!

  • Supernova Hot – 29th June-5th July
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Here was the “menu” for my week:

menu“Starters” are short stories and novellas, “Main Courses” are novels, and “Extras” are the things you can win that week. Good luck, and thanks for participating!

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SFR Brigade Summer Cafe Blog Hop: Edible hair dye and pink flamingos

This post is part of the SFR Brigrade Summer Cafe Blog Hop. Check out the other blogs featuring short story appetizers, main dish novels, and sweet swag desserts all about Androids & Aliens this week. Scroll to the bottom of this post to enter to win!

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Edible hair dye and pink flamingos

Question: What color are flamingos?

two pink flamingos
Flamingos Laguna Colorada” by [ Valdiney Pimenta] – Own work by uploader. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
Answer: Flamingos are gray!

Perhaps you only know pink flamingos? Gray flamingos turn pink because they eat pink shrimp. (Mostly brine shrimp, also known as sea monkeys.) And shrimp turn pink when cooked because they eat caroteniod-producing planktonic algae. You see the food chain in action every time you look at a pink flamingo.

Eating your way to a new color is nothing new to the animal kingdom. Cardinals are red because they eat tasty berries containing carotenoids, and finches metabolize these same carotenoids into yellow. If you keep them in captivity and feed them a diet without the tasty red berries, their colors will fade after a few molts, and you will no longer have vibrant birds. Similarly, zoo keepers and salmon farmers have to supplement diets or else their pink flamingos and salmon will revert to dull gray.

Melanin pigments our human eyes, hair, and skin, and the amounts and ratios of the different types of melanin determine whether we are blue-eyed blondes, mysterious brunettes, or ravishing redheads. This is generally controlled by genetics or Lady Clairol. But Lady Clairol has a ways to go to catch up to nature! Box colors and spray tans can take hours, color contacts rip or fall out, and as soon as you stop the applications, you too will revert back to your normal color.

[See pink hair on my Sci-Fi Robots board on Pinterest.]

In the science fiction future, I think we will definitely control our colors with more fun and ease. Leloo in The Fifth Element discovered a makeup device that applied perfect color with one click, and the receptionist for Mr. Zorg spent hours instantly changing from one nail color to another.

Fifth element picture
The Fifth Element receptionist and her fingernail-o-matic [check out for a comparison of which is better, the Fifth Element version or the 1990 Total Recall model]
Even now, cosmetology and technology change all the time, whether it is the recent discover of shellac “Gelish” nails that harden under UV light and last for weeks, or the discovery of paint that will never fade.

I like the idea of changing hair color by eating. (I like food!) On the run from pursuers, my characters in Liberation’s Kiss go under cover like flamingos and cardinals: by popping melanin pills.

3d bookIn this excerpt, reprogrammed assassin android Xan has just returned to his injured love Cressida’s tiny hotel room with food, medicine, and a strategy for keeping her safe for one more night…

His confidence filled her with confidence. They had already survived this long against incredible odds. She filled her belly with the delicious protein noodles, then watched him testing the water in the shower. New exciting thoughts shivered through her. Him, naked. Washing her, equally naked. And then, touching…

“Um, what are you doing in there?” she asked. Her voice sounded too loud for the small room.

He shut off the water and returned with a brown bag. Putting away her leftovers into the delivery cart – keeping it fresh and warm for later – he drew out cosmetics for changing her appearance. She swallowed a slow-acting melanin pill and a second pill that directed some of it to the stroma of her irises, to increase the Rayleigh scattering shifting her eyes from blue to green.

He held up a tub of Bruisease. “This has to be kept away from water. I know it’s going to hurt, but how about changing the rest of your appearance in the shower first?”

She swallowed the sudden dryness. “You’ll need to help me.”

His eyes remained steady as a rock. “Anything.”

She rotated her feet to the ground and then eased out, putting slow pressure on her heels. Pain shrieked up her legs. She sucked in a breath through her teeth.

He eased an arm around her bare shoulder blades and helped her to stand, supporting her into the tiny room. She shivered on the cool tile. He adjusted to a comforting temperature and detached the nozzle from the wall. The stream eased down her sore back like a warm caress.

She rested her hands on the tile while he rinsed her body, then had her lean forward, hands against the wall, and scrubbed the depiliatory cream into her scalp. Her hair dissolved like a color; she watched it disappear down the drain, careful not to get any splashes on her brows or lashes. Gentle hands stroked her head, tracing the soft lines of her bare skull, sensual. Under his relaxing ministrations, hair regrowth formula adhered to her scalp, and he rinsed the layers away, revealing the first bit of fuzz. She touched it tentatively. Red. In a few hours, it would grow as long as her finger tips, and in a day, it would reach her shoulders. She swallowed a calcium tablet and an E supplement, trusting him as he remade her into a new person. Without those minerals, her new hair would turn brittle and break away, fragile as strands of spun glass.

His eyes traced the fuzz as his hands did, an odd expression on his face.

“You’re sad,” she guessed.

He flashed to her in surprise. She had been correct. “I like you as you are.”

“It’ll come back,” she said. “In a few days.”

His thumb stroked her cheek. Absent, like he didn’t notice. “Real hair takes so much longer to grow.”

She swallowed. “Then you’ll just have to wait with me until it’s all back.”

His eyes skipped up to her scalp again. He rubbed the softness, pressed her briefly to his chest – making a wet print on his flight suit – and shut off the water, allowing the warmth of radiation to dry her naturally and fully. Her chemise and panties puffed out, made fluffy by the warmth. He scooped his arm under hers and helped her back to the bed…

 – From Liberation’s Kiss, available July 1 (Pre-order now for a special price 80% off!)

If you could change something about yourself with one easy pill, what would you change?

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Win free stuff! SFR Summer Cafe

Win free stuff with the SFR Brigade Summer Cafe Blog Hop!

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I’m participating on the week of June 22nd (Androids and Aliens) with Liberation’s Kiss. Meanwhile, here are the other weeks you can visit themed blogs, enter the week’s contests for books + gift cards + swag, and win!

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