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I’ll Be Waiting Excerpt

I'll Be WaitingI’m pleased to announce the release of my newest San Juan Island story “I’ll Be Waiting“. Please enjoy this excerpt:

“Skylar. You’re late.”

Luke’s serious voice tickled her eardrums, jolted her system like a warm finger sliding up her spine. Skylar swayed and turned to face him, mouth reacting before her mind could catch up. “You look great.”

His eyes made familiar crescents to match his beautiful smile. “Thanks.”

He did look great. Better than his last pictures taken in front of his new Black Hawk. The same dark brown eyes focused on her like only she existed on the roof; his hair, a flat Ice Man sheared cleanly up the sides made her want to dig in her fingers; and the adult muscle tone in that hard body perfectly filled his creased, off-duty jeans and starched, THIS WE’LL DEFEND T-shirt.

Skylar’s mouth went dry, and the crowd faded away and her chest ached. Ached for the boy she hadn’t made hers and again for the man that she had already lost.

“Sorry I missed you earlier. I made some wrong assumptions about…well, a lot of things, I guess.” The words stuck in her throat and she blinked back tears. “Congratulations.”

His gaze flicked over her shoulder, and Skylar’s followed…into the now empty space where his fiancée had been standing moments before.

“She brought it up on the boat,” he said. “Nothing’s settled.” His voice sounded flat.

“She seems really nice.” Skylar hugged her bag tight to her chest. “My boyfriend planned this big, suspicious dinner with all of our friends and family, but I put him off until after. But, he’s a really great guy, too, and so I’m sure we’ll both be super happy.”

Luke’s eyebrows lowered.

She didn’t mean to make him feel bad. Just because he hadn’t told her he had a fiancée or even a girlfriend—

Her chest hitched. Losing it. She was definitely losing it.

She pressed her cold hands against her collarbone. Her eyes burned. Oh God. She dashed away the moisture and turned, ready to run for the ladder, or possibly she could just throw herself off the edge. “See you at the ten-year reunion, maybe.”

His hand shot out and closed over her wrist, and he pulled her away from everyone into a dark corner of the roof. “Skylar.”

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San Juan Island Stories

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The San Juan Island Stories Anthology has been featured on the Romance Lives Forever ezine! This is a free ezine created by romance author Kayelle Allen of romantic books, authors, interviews, and advice. New content all the time! If this is your cup of tea, subscribe at Romance Lives Forever ezine.

San Juan Island Stories

San Juan Island Stories Anthology featured on Romance Lives Forever

The Romance Lives Forever blog is featuring the San Juan Island Stories Anthology on their next cover post. Kayelle Allen, a romance author herself, loves to feature all kinds of romance. You can click on the tags to browse other books in the same genre. It’s so exciting to be featured! Check it out:

San Juan Island Stories


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Hot Tub Life – One Year Retrospective

Hot Tub (CC BY2.0) by Michael (aka moik) McCullough
Hot Tub (CC BY2.0) by Michael (aka moik) McCullough

It has been one year since I purchased the hot tub that CHANGED MY LIFE.

When I bought it, I was warned that I would never use it, that my electrical bill would go up, and that “hot tubs are great – when they’re working.”

But, I had dreamed of hot tubs for years. So, we bought it and restored it and now we’ve had it for one year. What about the warnings and the naysayers?

Well, they were all ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

Our electrical bill doubled, and in one month, even quadrupled what it had been the previous year. Our hot tub broke six times in four months and was out of commission for weeks each time. In the hottest heat of the Indian Summer, we didn’t even crack the cover. And what no one had warned us about was that our water bill went up too – especially when the pump rotated backwards and drained the hot tub, TWICE.

In spite of the cost, the hassle, and the heartbreak — there is nothing like getting all ready for a nice, toasty dip and opening the cover to find a cold tub with an error code on the control panel — this has still been one of the best purchases of my life.

Here is the full story:

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Much of the research for “Chance of Happiness” was done earlier this year when I bought a 15-year-old hot tub off someone’s back porch.

This hot tub has changed my life.

First, almost everything in “Chance of Happiness” related to fixing up the hot tub actually happened to us. We found a deer leg under the shell. (HOW???) The tub was most likely filled with antifreeze, which we bailed, thus causing the acrylic siding to crack. We nearly lost the moving trailer and the moving truck to a muddy field with a steep incline. My last naive thoughts about how easy it would be to transfer power died when the more experienced member of the moving party got out a multimeter and an axe.

Once we got it home and into the backyard – a task that involved breaking at least one city ordinance – we had to rewire the house for the new electric load. The hot tub board was fried; we bought a new board and that broke, then received a replacement, which broke again — twice. One day we came home and found the hot tub half drained because the rebuilt motor had run backwards. This feat our 63-year-old hot tub mechanic had only ever seen one other time. Our electric bill doubled; our water bill doubled; we paid four months’ worth of bills in that one month of service. And we still hadn’t even gotten to try it!

When I was telling everyone about my amazing restoration project, several coworkers confessed to having given up and gotten rid of their hot tubs. They were  expensive, too much work, and never used much.

But having a hot tub was my dream.

A bubbling blue hot tub was what rich people had, like fast cars and personal chefs and maid service. I was so shocked to discover that I didn’t have to save up $10,000 to buy a gleaming model like at the showrooms. The restoration was not cheap or easy, but my dream was so achievable. What had I been waiting for all these years?

Six months after the first purchase, the Perseid meteor shower came to earth.

I spent it outside.

In my hot tub.

With my loved ones, together, staring up at the vast starry sky.