Robotics Faction Series Antiata Family Tree

I made this family tree to illustrate the relationships between the characters in the Robotics Faction sub-series. You can see the three original stories of the siblings (Aris, Cressida, and Mercury) and the two Origins series coming soon, as well as the Cyborg Mercenaries series. I will have even more in the Cyborg Mercenaries series, and I will eventually have a “first responder” series (Firefighters in SPACE!!!) that I can’t wait to write. So many ideas! Anyway, more covers will be added (and revealed!) in the next years. I hope this is a handy reference!

The only person I don’t have on here is the mysterious Rogue character. In many ways, she is the key to the whole series…







New Release Schedule September 2016 – February 2017

I sent this out to my newsletter already! Here is my planned release schedule:

September 2016: Liberation’s Mystery (RF 3.1 short story)
October 2016: Liberation Origins (RF 0.1 prequel novella)
November 2016: Resurrection Heart (RF 4 novel)
December 2016: epilogues (RF 1-3 bonus stories)
January 2017: Liberation’s Passion (RF 0.2 prequel novella)
February 2017: Kingdom of Monsters (epic fantasy by W. L. Clark pen name)

I may take a few months from March – May to build up new stories – or I may have some ready to go when I hit March! I expect to release the fifth book in the Robotics Faction (RF) series by May, and the sixth by the following November. I will publish them sooner if I get them done early.

You may note that I have included a pen name. The epic fantasy novel is very different! It’s darker, longer, and doesn’t have much sex. On account of that, I have written about a manifesto of what I do and do not write under both names. I also talk about my philosophy as a writer. I hope you find it interesting!


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Liberation’s Desire – Prologue


“We are under attack.”

The statement cracked across the star chamber like a stun-shot to the brain.

Ruling CEO of the intergalactic Antiata Family conglomerate leaned across his onyx desk. “The only question is, who is our attacker?”

Two representatives of the most important subfamilies shifted uncomfortably in their floating seats. Untouched chalices of coffee-vodka swirled, black mixed with silver, on gem-encrusted coasters.

When private meetings were called, someone died. Or worse, they lost their family seats.

He narrowed his gaze on the first representative. “Deterrence?”

Blade-sharp Chen rested an ankle across her taut knee. “None of our military campaigns affect the main families.”

“And yet, someone permanently erased the resurrection data of Cressida Sarit Antiata and her younger sister, Mercury.”

The other representative, Oleron of the Antiata Entertainment Proxy, fidgeted with his gold oculars.

Chen folded her hands. “Cressida’s resurrection data was destroyed fourteen years ago—”

“And Mercury’s occurred this morning.”

Oleron snorted.

The ruler flicked to the entertainer. “Amusing?”

All the blood drained from Oleron’s face. “Not at all.”

“Try me.”

“I thought—uh—well, losing the second kid’s just careless. After the first kid, they should’ve moved their data to a secure facility.”

“They did.”

Oleron’s mouth dropped.

Chen turned even more statuesque.

“Tell him,” the ruler ordered.

“At 3:47 Old Empire time, Mercury Sarit Antiata’s data was erased from the Chen family repository.” Chen’s taut mouth clipped her words. “Her identity had been changed to mask her family connection. She is currently alive and well hidden.”

“What about Cressida?” Oleron asked.

“Two weeks ago, the moon Cressida had fled to was bombed. Her current whereabouts are unknown.”

“Cressida was twenty-six, real age, when she disappeared.” The ruler steepled his hands. A holographic tattoo of the Antiata family crest, a stylized fist erupting a sun, glimmered across his knuckles. “Her accused assassins have never been investigated.”

A muscle in Chen’s jaw flexed. “That is because her parents accused the Robotics Faction.”

Oleron laughed aloud.

The ruler raised both brows. “Another small joke?”

“I was just wondering who they accused in the Robotics Faction. Their light switches or the bed thermostat?”

“The data is missing,” the ruler said. “If you have a viable alternate theory, I will give you Chen’s family seat.”

Oleron drummed his fingers on his bouncing knees.

Chen sat still as glass.

“Check it.” Oleron leaned forward, one hand leaving an oily print on the desk. “They sold off her spot for a few credits and lied to get a new one.”

“Sales leave a record. And someone else’s data would be in the resurrection facility. Instead…” He dropped Chen’s full coffee into the reprocessor. It disassembled the chalice to molecular components in a silent puff. “Both are simply gone. As if they never existed.”

Oleron swallowed.

The ruler fixed on him. “Try again.”

“They, uh, crossed a local mafioso, he bombed the regional depot, and poof, no data.”

“A local mafioso somehow amassed the firepower to cause a sub-planetary implosion?” The ruler marveled. “I sense the plot of a holo.”

Oleron grinned gold. “Guaranteed supernova at the box office.”

The ruler slammed his palms on the desk. Oleron jumped, spilling scalding coffee across his lap.

“We have lost two family members with no explanation!”

Silence pulled thin.

“Extricating ourselves from Faction technology would be inconvenient.” He reprocessed another coffee mixed with silver ice vodka. The two colors, separated by a barrier of Faction-made nano-particles, created intricate patterns in the goblet. “However, I also don’t intend to wake up and find my light switch trying to kill me. Oleron.”

Oleron flapped his suit. “Yes?”

“You will submit a list of every possible explanation for these assassinations. Mafioso, trade rivals, sentient tropical storms. I don’t care what you make up. Include every possible explanation and submit it tomorrow.”

He straightened, nodding with relief and already transmitting the orders to his most creative staff.

“Chen. Where do we compete with the Faction?”

She shook her head. Her short black hair slicked back neatly against the buzzed sides. “During campaigns, we fight their soldiers or drones. As often, we lease them for our own use.”

“We don’t fight over any resources? None at all?”

“They do not require food, water, or even a constant supply of oxygen. There is no conflict.”

“Cressida and Mercury would disagree.” He sipped his shot. “We need to find out why. I assume you have warned the remaining sister about her imminent danger.”

“A courier will arrive at her secret location within the hour.”

“Armed for escort?”

Chen’s lips tightened. “Information only.”

“You’ve sent a courier directly from the site of her data loss to her hidden physical location?” The ruler flexed his knuckles, shimmering the family crest. “How helpful for the assassins trying to kill her.”


Strong Female Characters in Modern Cinema

In a previous post I talked about my favorite heroines, and I listed a few – Leelo (The Fifth Element), Trinity (The Matrix), etc.

A recent article calls out heroines like Trinity, which made my heart break a little, but I think their criticism needs to be reviewed. They think she’s not very strong because she’s introduced as an awesome, kick-ass character who is then not given anything much to do. She can do kung fu! And wear black leather! And run away from agents! And then all she does is tell Neo to trust the oracle, or whatever.

I completely disagree.


First of all, the movie is about Neo. He’s “the one,” not Trinity, so he should be the one who does everything, including at the end. The Little Mermaid pisses me off to no end because the prince has to save the mermaid by holding his breath in the bottom of the ocean (while she’s a frickin’ fish! How is it possible that she does not save herself???) while Mulan rocks because it’s her movie and she saves everyone. If the movie is about a person, man or woman or animal, the titular character should do the most awesome stuff. The end.

The article said something about the difficulty of pulling off an ensemble movie, but The Matrix is not an ensemble movie. It’s about one guy gaining the super power over killing robots in his mind. (Sorry if I just ruined the plot!) Everyone else in the movie – Morpheus, Trinity, the crew of the Nebuchadnezzer, all of the agents including Agent Smith – are present to illuminate his journey.

Second, Trinity is totally kick ass the whole time. Clearly the reviewer didn’t rewatch the movie before making their review. She is wearing her leather and adds some awesome sunglasses for the scene at the end where she assaults the bad guys’ building lobby, saves Neo by shooting an agent in the head (something many consider impossible, and which she wouldn’t have even attempted at the beginning of the movie), flies an attack chopper, and save Morpheus.

Third, if kicking ass weren’t enough, Trinity bestows true love’s kiss and wakes Neo up from death. He’s dead, Morpheus has given up, the evil robot thing is lasering apart their hover ship while the pilot looks uselessly, and Trinity is having a sweet emotional life-resuscitating conversation with dead Neo about how she liked him all along. She kisses him AND HIS HEART STARTS BEATING. Apparently she kissed him with her nitroglycerin lipstick. Her next instruction is “Now get up,” and later she encourages him to return to the ship. Aside from Neo, she’s the only character doing anything useful at all.

Conclusion: Trinity is a strong female supporting character, and people should rewatch movies before they make points about feminism in cinema in Vanity Fair.

I mean, sure, I’d like more movies starring awesome heroines. And I love that secondary female characters are more hardened, like the wife and daughter of The Rock’s recent movie San Andreas. I think Trinity passes the awesome test.

The article also called out The Lego Movie heroine “Wyldstyle,” who similarly kicks ass and then “does nothing” except “give herself to the hero as a reward at the end.”

But once again, I’m pretty sure the reviewer missed that the movie was about the doofus guy. Also, Wyldstyle doesn’t exactly go home and make somebody a sandwich at the end. She directs everybody to break out of their prison, finds someone their pants, gets on interdimensional TV to rally everyone to fight, and then dives in.

If the only real complaint is that she should have taken some time to find her inner child and explore her feminine side before dumping her old boyfriend (publicly! Awkward…) to date the guy she actually likes…well, whatever. People are going to judge you even if you are a fictional character. But I don’t think that is honestly taking away from all of the kick assery she did earlier. I think it just acknowledges that some of us movie-watchers like a little romance with our action.

Again, I would love to see even more awesome female characters in The Lego Movie II, because gender-wise it was a little sparse.

Regarding the criticism of the random female elf in LOTR: The Hobbit and useless female scientist (?) in Star Trek II…yeah. They were both completely superfluous and probably made the movies worse for their inclusion. I would have loved for an established character to have flipped the gender. Female Bilbo? Ms. Sulu or Ms. Scott? Female Khan???? Mind blown. In a good way.

I’d love to see them remake any famous, awesome movies with a gender-reversed cast. Take that, Pride + Prejudice + Zombies, or President Lincoln, Vampire Slayer.


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