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Chance of HappinessThey say hindsight is 20/20, but my vision is pretty bad no matter which direction I’m looking, and Mia shares my unfortunate myopia in Chance of Happiness. She achieved all of her academic and professional goals with hard work and precise determination, then realized that her true desire lay in a boy she’d left behind.

In college, “everyone” did a semester abroad, and I duly applied to several different courses in countries that I had only a passing interest in, such as Australia and Italy. And then I was rejected from every one! It was a horrifying shock and a public embarrassment to be the one person who couldn’t get accepted to a study abroad program despite being an A student and very studious. But after my last failure, and all the doors slammed closed at my college, I threw open the windows and discovered the neighboring university’s course in Greece.

That trip changed my life forever.

Sometimes, you have to fail horribly to ultimately succeed!

How about you?

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