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Grim – sexy SFR book review

Grim (Tornians, #1)Grim by M.K. Eidem

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OMG THIS BOOK IS CRACK COCAINE. No, I am serious. Reading this was like opening up a vein and dumping in SFR goodness in its most emotional, roller-coaster form. I could not put down my Kindle. Someone had to pry it out of my hands before I pulled an all-nighter.

But like crack, not everyone will be able to get over the impurities. Every reader has to note the spelling and grammatical errors. They do get worse as the book progresses, but by then you will be so hooked that you won’t care. I saw the first error in the “Look Inside” preview on Amazon and I bought the book anyway, spending “full price” for an ebook, and it was worth the whole ride, impurities and all.

Words are misused. Verbs change tense in the middle of sentences. For example, “He ran into the room and sees two people,” or “She looked up and realizes she loves him.” By that time, I could’ve read word salad and still been racing for the finish. Oh, and if the author had cut her favorite way to start/end a scene, something to do with “Girls, it’s time for dinner/bed,” then I think the book would’ve been 30 pages shorter. But whatever. Skimming to find out what would happen next!!!

Back to the crack part. I think that, aside from the story and the characters and all of the good parts, the reason this book yanked my gut strings and glued my eyes to the screen is that it is one long wish fulfillment rant. You know when someone says something mean, and you feel hurt or angry, and then two hours later you think of the perfect comeback? This book is one long string of the heroine thinking of the perfect comeback, over and over and over again. Then she says it immediately. Everyone else realizes she’s right, the bad guy feels ashamed for being a jerk, and she wins. THAT IS THIS BOOK. From start to finish.

If you want the plot, go read the synopsis that’s included at the front. Then, if you don’t like it and you can’t handle the grammatical problems that you will definitely encounter, then stop immediately. It doesn’t get better – it only gets worse. But if you do like it, the whole book is just that good. Read it!

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LOL the Grumpy Cat of Commas! 🙂

I never thought I would be able to finish reading a book with so many horrible grammatical flaws. It’s indescribably bad. But the story is so, so good! I learn something new about myself all the time.

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