New Release Schedule September 2016 – February 2017

I sent this out to my newsletter already! Here is my planned release schedule:

September 2016: Liberation’s Mystery (RF 3.1 short story)
October 2016: Liberation Origins (RF 0.1 prequel novella)
November 2016: Resurrection Heart (RF 4 novel)
December 2016: epilogues (RF 1-3 bonus stories)
January 2017: Liberation’s Passion (RF 0.2 prequel novella)
February 2017: Kingdom of Monsters (epic fantasy by W. L. Clark pen name)

I may take a few months from March – May to build up new stories – or I may have some ready to go when I hit March! I expect to release the fifth book in the Robotics Faction (RF) series by May, and the sixth by the following November. I will publish them sooner if I get them done early.

You may note that I have included a pen name. The epic fantasy novel is very different! It’s darker, longer, and doesn’t have much sex. On account of that, I have written about a manifesto of what I do and do not write under both names. I also talk about my philosophy as a writer. I hope you find it interesting!