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Oryon – sexy SFR novella review

OryonOryon by M.K. Eidem

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

God I love this whole series. Every single book (except Wray, which I’ve been afraid to read because I’m concerned about the rape trigger) is just like delicious crack.

This shorter work is still extremely satisfying for all the reasons that Grim and Ynyr are:

Plucky woman telling the men how they’re all wrong? Check.
All the (good) men realizing she’s right and then immediately changing their behavior based on it? Check.
Sexy sex? Check.
Bad guy’s plot unraveling in a satisfying way, with action and explosions and reversals and bloody fights? Check.
Furniture arranging and interior decorating? Check.

It was interesting to read about an old married Tournian couple rather than the Tournian warrior + plucky Earth female of the previous books, but it still worked. I loved reading about Isis and Oryon. They had plenty of discoveries about sex, which hadn’t been done in the previous novels, so those scenes felt fresh and interesting. And MKE writes great scenes of mothers and children, so I enjoyed those touching moments too.

Grim is still my favorite. Despite its major spelling/grammar problem, there’s just something about the “wounded warrior redeemed by a no-nonsense heroine” that appeals to me on a deep level. Oryon had much better editing, with only a few wrong words (“too” when it should have been “to” for example.) But they didn’t interfere with my comprehension or enjoyment, and I thought this novella was even better done than Ynyr, so I will probably reread.

Can’t wait for the next one in the series!

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