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Sweet Island Kisses ~ An Evergreen Romance Novel

Heiress Raina Grayson knows exactly what she wants: A high class wedding and a picture-perfect life as a society bride. But when she’s sent to retrieve some delinquent wedding centerpieces, Raina finds herself beguiled by the rustic San Juan Islands and especially sexy ceramicist Jake Worth. Even though he doesn’t care that his talented hands could be worth a fortune, she can’t stop imagining the feel of them on her body…

The artist claims he wants nothing to do with a princess, but his reckless passion tells Raina a different story. When she realizes her true destiny, she will have to convince everyone, including Jake, to place their faith in her in order to save their town – and their hearts.

Hot romance on a hotter Pacific Northwest night!

Full length romance – 60,000 words

First in an exciting new series.

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