Win Free Stuff! SFR Summer Cafe Redux

Win free stuff with the SFR Brigade Summer Cafe Blog Hop!

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As stated previously, I’m participating on the week of June 22nd (Androids and Aliens) with Liberation’s Kiss – which is next week! Check back on Monday for my post and chances to win. I’m super excited about it. The sneak preview is that it’s about how to change your hair color – or skin color, or eye color – without dyes, bleaches, or cosmetics. It’s already happening in the animal world. Intrigued? I hope you learn something as well as have a chance to win!

Here are the remaining weeks you can visit themed blogs, enter the week’s contests for books + gift cards + swag, and win!

  • Dystopia – 15th-21st June (still time!)
  • Androids and Aliens – 22nd-28th June (my week!)
  • Supernova Hot – 29th June-5th July
  • Space Opera 2 – 6th-12th July

As a reminder, here is the “menu” for my week starting on Monday:

menu“Starters” are short stories and novellas, “Main Courses” are novels, and “Extras” are the things you can win. I’m giving away an ecopy of Liberation’s Kiss. I hope you win!