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Ynyr – sexy SFR book review

Ynyr (Tornians, #3)Ynyr by M.K. Eidem

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay, so, this wasn’t quite the same grade of crack that was Grim (Tornians #1) but it still hit my craving and left me wanting more. I’m about to go buy the one about his parents because I cannot get enough of this series.

Once again, a small Earth female manages to steal the heart and soul of an alien Tornian male and wrap him around her little finger. As before, she is completely right and only does good things with this power, bringing improvement and enlightenment to the land. When anyone disagrees, she explains why they are wrong, and everyone realizes the truth. God, I love this series!

The spelling and grammar was much better in Ynyr, but I thought it had a lot less going on. This is because it takes place over a few days rather than over the weeks that it took in Grim. It feels like a much shorter novel. There was still good action and sex, especially in the beginning, but not as much of either. There’s only two major sex scenes and then they are too busy to get together. In Grim, they have sex (and Lisa sends her kids to bed or to get dinner) like every other scene, so it’s definitely a big difference.

I was completely blindsided by the twist with the heroine! I don’t get surprised too often by books these days, so two thumbs up for that.

So, altogether fewer plot points, sex scenes, and a smaller story overall made this feel like half the book of Grim, but it still had all of the elements that made me enjoy the first book so much.

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